Problems with the Program?

Here are Solutions to problems in Version 2.3.

(If you have a previous edition of Plus Tab, please upgrade immediately)

Have a problem that isn't solved by the below?



PROBLEM: I get error messages when doing cumes, pairing rounds, etc.

----SOLUTIONS: This typically happens early in the tournament and occurs because you have used a "B" for a bye. It is an unfortunate bug that we thought had been fixed but still happens in some situations. To fix it, enter scores for the round and then after you have some round results entered, the B should work (go back to the ballot and enter the B). If it still doesn't, you'll need to give an averaged score to those debaters for that no-show round before you setup elimination rounds.


PROBLEM: printing to labels--the labels sometimes do not match up to the label sheets.

----SOLUTION: Unfortunately, the problem is each printer prints slightly differently. If you cannot get it to work, you need to 1) change printers or 2) print to ballots.


PROBLEM: pairing a partial elim with doubleflighting, it doesn't do the pairing very well.

----SOLUTION: Pair the partial elim with singleflighting. then, manually create doubleflighting by choosing the same rooms and judges for flight B debates, fix ballots, fix pairings that get printed/exported. Sorry this is a hassle. Then, when you pair the next elim, it can handle the doubleflighting.


PROBLEM: If you use mpj with double-flighted ld, the second judge will sometimes be lowly pref'd or even possibly constrained.

----SOLUTION: After pairing, manually change the judge to a higher pref'd judge.


PROBLEM: The Program is operating slowly.

----SOLUTIONS: 1) Make sure you are using Excel 2010 or Excel 2007 with ALL updates; 2) With very large tournaments (ones with 120+ teams), the program handles pairing, judge changes, and cumes pretty slowly. There is no solution to this; just wait for the information to appear on screen.


PROBLEM: The judge data report stats aren't exactly accurate.

----SOLUTIONS: That information in the judge data report is only approximately accurate for how highly pref'd a judge is.


PROBLEM: I have differing numbers of prelims in differing divisions. I get error messages.

----SOLUTIONS: You need to have same number of prelims in each division. Just leave the non-existent prelims blank and advance to elims. When you advance to elims, you will need to cross-check the judges with the debates that still have prelims.

----SOLUTION FOR CREATING CUMES/SPEAKER AWARDS: Done with one division and need to do an awards assembly but still have rounds to go in other divisions? Do this:

--you cannot do cumes/speaker awards until you have the same number of prelims done in each and every division. you will get errors when you do that.


--if you need cumes/speaker awards at a point when you have differing numbers of prelims completed, do this:


--save the file


--save the file with a different name


--pair just the divisions needed to "catch up" so that you each and every division has the same number of prelims completed


--then you can do the cumes/speaker awards


PROBLEM: Cumes doesn't tally speaker points for the second speaker.

----SOLUTION: This is a bug that does not count the second speaker on a team when you have an LD/single person debate division. To fix this, when you do cumes, make LD/single person debate temporarily a two person event (using the Tournament Settings). Do the cumes sheet. Then, make the LD/single person debate division single person again.