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Jimís biography at Whitman; Jim handles sweepstakes for the NDT, Jim is the NPTE Treasurer, LinkedIn provides Jimís professional and Facebook his personal info.


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Jim provides educational materials for speech and debate at WC Publishing and Forensic Friend, a user friendly debate tab program PlusTab, and Info for NW Speech and Debate.


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Jim is the executive director of Climb the Mountain.

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PlusTab 2.3 is a full featured debate tabulation program written for Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 7 that is 100% free to use.

PlusTab 2.3 is the creation of Jim Hanson and Danny Cantrell and Eliot Woodrich building on Gary Larson's STA-XL program.

Version 2.33 released September 30, 2013

The program does not work on Windows 10 nor Excel 2016/2019/365. It needs Windows 7 and works in Excel 2010 plus 2007 and 2003.

The program can:

        Schedule up to 9 different divisions of debate.

        Pair up to 8 prelims and up to 7 elims (Quad-Octos - 256 team elim bracket).

        Handle One on One(LD) and Two on Two (policy, parli, pub forum) formats of debate.

        Import data quickly from

        Print or Email Entry confirmation sheets, Team and Judge Lists, Judge Reports.

        Print or Email Cume Sheets, Speaker Awards, Team Rankings, Round-by-Round results.

        Print or Email ballots or ballot labels. Print, Email, or Post to a web page, the Pairings.


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