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Version 3.1 (new Fall 2023) will be released in September.

The new version works with Windows 10/11 and the latest version of Excel.

If you are interested, contact Jim Hanson at





The program can:

·       Schedule up to 9 different divisions of debate.

·       Pair up to 8 prelims and up to 7 elims (Quad-Octos - 256 team elim bracket).

·       Handle 1, 2, 3, and 4 person teams formats of debate with one winner (does not work for BP/Worlds style debate).

·       Can be paired with an easy to use Google sheets entry form.

·       Print Email or Post Online:

·       Entry confirmation sheets, Team and Judge Lists, Judge Reports.

·       Cume Sheets, Speaker Awards, Team Rankings, Round-by-Round results.

·       The Pairings.

·       Print or Email ballots or ballot labels.




































Download the old PlusTab Debate Program here

PlusTab 2.3 is a full featured debate tabulation program written for Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 7.

PlusTab 2.3 is the creation of Jim Hanson and Danny Cantrell and Eliot Woodrich building on Gary Larson's STA-XL program.

Version 2.33 released September 30, 2013

The program does not work on Windows 8/10/11 nor Excel 2016/2019/2021/365. It needs Windows 7 and works in Excel 2010 plus 2007 and 2003 only.



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