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Version 3.05m, a beta version, has been released and is available on our download page.

The new version works only with Windows 10/11 and the latest version of Excel.

If you are interested, contact Jim Hanson at





The program can:

·       Schedule up to 9 different divisions of debate.

·       Pair up to 8 prelims and up to 7 elims (Quad-Octos - 256 team elim bracket).

·       Handle 1, 2, 3, and 4 person teams formats of debate with one winner (does not work for BP/Worlds style debate).

·       Can be paired with an easy to use Google sheets entry form.

·       Print Email or Post Online:

·       Entry confirmation sheets, Team and Judge Lists, Judge Reports.

·       Cume Sheets, Speaker Awards, Team Rankings, Round-by-Round results.

·       The Pairings.

·       Print or Email ballots or ballot labels.


Download the PlusTab Debate Program here


Running a Tournament

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