Member of Government (MG)

  1. The goal of this speech is to be winning the round before the opposition block.
  2. Have two or three extension points ready before your speech (develop them during prep time). You want to present as much information as possible to support your case. Remember the MG has only one speech to make an impression.
  3. New arguments prevent the Member of Opposition from dumping too many new points. The PMR only has 5 mins to counter the Opposition Block.
  4. Avoid using the Leader of Oppositions structure, unless it adds clarity to the round. Address arguments in the same order as the PM.
  5. If the Leader of Opposition presents a counter value, address these arguments before strengthening your case. After eliminating the Opposition’s case, the only position left will be yours, the proposition.


Leader of Opposition (LO)

  1. Walk into the round with as many points as possible.

i. the government may not present you with coherent ideas leaving only 7 minutes to develop a case (the PMC).

ii. preparation keeps your mind alert and ready for action

iii. the arguments you prepare may be the case the government runs

2. Procedural Arguments – if the Government team does not present a case that is a reasonable interpretation of the resolution make a point of it.

i. it is not in the "spirit of the resolution" (the Gov’s case is not even close to the theme of the resolution. Ex: this house believes there is a God… turns into a debate about prison overcrowding…. Hmm….).

ii. the position the Opposition is expected to uphold is "morally repugnant." Ex. You must uphold slavery or exterminating a race of people.

3. After any procedural arguments, present a counter value/independent arguments before addressing the Government's case. You want to develop your own psychological ground on the judge's flow.

Member of Opposition (MO)

1. Presenting 10 new arguments under the LOC's independent arguments is abusive.


i. Global Destruction

ii. Increase Human Diseases.

iii. …..

iv. ….

v. ….

vi. Depletion of Natural Resources

vii. …..

viii. …..


2. The MO should extend the LO’s arguments, however try to add new arguments onto existing points

ex: LO

Free Trade entrenches 3rd World Nations


Entrenchment leads to increase poverty and human rights abuses.

3. Stress any ignored argument. If the MG ignores a disadvantage, make that argument one of the most important points in the round (a reason to vote for you).