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____ 2013-2014      


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____ Ultimate Package includes ALL 4 SETS: 1) Policy, 2) LD, 3) PublicForum-Extemp, 4) BDB Debate-IE Textbook Sets $595 (save $305). BEST VALUE.


____ Triple Package includes your choice of three Sets $475 (save $200). Below, check the 3 Sets you want.



____ Double Package includes your choice of two of the below Sets $350 (save $100). Below, check the 2 Sets you want.



____ Policy Set includes all of the below policy evidence products plus 1000+ pages of key backfiles, $225 (save $75)

____ Affirmative evidence only, $60 each

____ Negative evidence only, $60 each

____ September Supplement only, $60 each

____ Oct-May Policy Updates only, $120 each


____ LD Set Includes all of the below LD products including ALL NFL UPDATES AND ALL UIL UPDATES plus the 999 page Philosophers Book, 745 page Values Evidence, AND evidence and analysis on over 170 LD topics, $225 (save $90)

__ Sept-Oct NFL LD ($45)           __ Fall UIL LD ($45)

__ Nov-Dec NFL LD ($45)           __ Spring UIL LD ($45)

__ Jan-Feb NFL LD ($45)           

__ Mar-Apr NFL LD ($45)

__ June Nats NFL LD ($45)


____ Pub Forum-Extemp Set includes the two below products, $225 (save $85) plus receive the free Parli-Congress Files

____ NewsViews, updates on the latest news and issues twice a month on our web page; great for Extemp, $155

____ PublicForumFiles, updates for each Public Forum debate topic on our web page, $155


___ BDB Debate-IE Textbook Set
Includes all of the Policy-CX, LD, Public Forum, and Parli Debate Electronic Textbooks plus the IE Textbooks and THIS YEAR’S Prepbooks plus Teacher Materials plus the Dictionary of Forensics are JUST $225.


The Ultimate Package is the best deal; you save $305 and you assure your students have _everything_ we offer for high school programs.



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GETTING YOUR FILES: Individual files are sent via email. For Sets, we email you with easy access on our web page. Jan and Feb Set/Package Orders, you receive access to your materials until June 30 of this calendar year. Mar through Dec Set/Package Orders, you receive access to your materials through June 30 of the next calendar year.



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WA schools add 7.5% sales tax.


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MAIL TO: West Coast Publishing; 2344 Hawk Drive; Walla Walla WA 99362

OR FAX TO: 877-781-5058

OR EMAIL TO: jim@wcdebate.com 

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WA schools add 7.5% sales tax.

Purchase Orders/Billing: please add 10% to total.


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·        All of our products are electronic documents.

·        RETURN POLICY: Once you have purchased a product, there is no refund. We will work to make sure you have access to the materials you have purchased.

·        WA schools pay 7.5% sales tax. West Coast pays for excess amounts for differing local rates. Other states do not pay sales tax.




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Questions? E-mail Jim Hanson at jim@wcdebate.com 


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