Hotels, Motels, Staying at Homes

   You can get hotel rooms here too.

  They might have a hotel room for you to bid on.
   Lots of options at this site.

Motel 6
   If you are like me, you like the way Motel 6's new rooms look and the nice prices!

Super 8
   Good prices and a bit nicer--bigger towels and beds.

Want to stay at someone's home?

Give them advance warning; how many are coming, do they need to eat?, computer/modem/internet use, bathrooms in the morning or evening, late night arrivals, early morning departures.
Give your team information: bring sleeping bag/comforter; bring towel, toiletries; be on best behavior; etc.
Afterwards: send a thank you card and a gift to your hosts.

Tips for trips

Make sure team members understand team rules: curfew, drug/alcohol/smoking prohibitions, etc.
Who is in charge of wake-up calls? Do you have a backup system? What about the one or two students who are chronically late?
Make sure all team members know what room the head coach is in if there is an emergency.
What about food? Who's paying for the hotel and food?