Prepare a Flowchart to show the contributions and connections made by your forensics program.

Thanks to Melissa Wade from Emory University for this suggestion. Below is an outline which you can use or change into a flowchart. This outline is based on a flowchart Melissa Wade uses at Emory University.


A. Intercollegiate Forensics Team

1. Outreach: recruiting, admissions, financial aid

2. Academic instruction: argument theory, practice rounds, drills

3. Research: library, the internet, electronic databases, contact with experts

4. Tournaments: coaching, judging, contact with students and instructors from other schools

5. Travel Arrangements

B. High School Support Activities

1. High School Tournament

2. Hosting for State and NFL tournaments

3. Workshops and Seminars

4. Outreach via email, phone, newsletter

5. Hosting for State and NFL organization meetings

C. Budget Program Administration

1. Work with Dean, Division Chair, Faculty Chair

2. Maintain budgets, endowments, etc.

D. Academic Activities

1. National, State, Local Political Debates

2. Guest Lectures

3. Panels

4. Professional Activities: DSR-TKA, Pi Kappa, WSCA, NCA, NDT, CEDA, NPDA, NIET, APDA, ADA

5. Publications, Conference Papers

6. Handbook and Textbook Publications

E. Community Outreach Programs

1. Urban Debate League

2. Teacher Training

3. Rural Outreach Programs

4. Internship Programs

5. New Forensics Team Support Program