Preparing Negative arguments against a case


When you prepare for the negative, you need to do the following:


If your topic is “Resolved the economic growth is more important than environmental protection,” you know that you will be supporting environmental protection and be against economic growth. So, prepare arguments such as economic growth harms the environment, hurts the poor, etc. and environmental protection is critical to our survival, key to animal and plant life, etc.


Be ready for specific examples in affirmative cases. On this environment topic, I’d be ready for economic growth in the US, in developing countries, in trade between countries, etc. I’d be ready with some specific examples for my side too for acid rain, CO2 warming, etc.


Prepare value arguments too. Be ready to show the importance of environmental protection--ecosystems, species, etc. Be ready to show the affirmative values aren’t so good--economic growth is not important.