Welcome to LD Debate


LD debate is a great way to discuss values and philosophies we hold about our world. Whatís more important: national security or privacy? Are drug tests ethically justified? The LD resolutions chosen each year will allow you to develop research skills, learn about important values and philosophies, and become a better communicator who can think quickly on your feet. People who did LD debate state how it gave them a major edge in getting a job and in doing their jobs, not to mention that they had a lot of fun doing it.


LD debate has two, one person teams debate against each other using a topic called a resolution. A resolution is a statement of support on an issue such as: Resolved: That individual liberty is more important than communitarian values. Each year, coaches throughout the country pick the topics that you debate. In most areas, you debate a new resolution every two months.


One team, the affirmative, supports the topic. For example, for the above resolution, they affirmative debater might argue that liberty is critical to our sense of self and that is more important than communitarian values which are often used to oppress individuals who are different.


The other team, the negative, argues against the affirmative. For example, the negative debater might argue that liberty is not a good value--it promotes selfishness and that communitarian values promote cooperation and action to better society.