Your affirmative case needs to include the following:


First, provide an introduction to your case

·            An attention getter such as a story, a quotation, a startling statistic, a question, etc.

·            Introduce the resolution. Example: “So, I stand resolved that economic development is more important than environmental protection.”

Second, include your Evaluation Observation.

·            Definitions of all key terms in the resolution

·            The value, the ideal, that your case supports such as “growth” or “reducing poverty.” You should clearly define this value and show it is an important value.

·            The criteria showing what must be proven to win the debate. For example, “Whichever debater can demonstrate the greatest reduction in poverty should win the debate.”

Third, develop your Contention:

·            Show how the topic meets your value/criteria

·            For example, for this economic development topic, I would include a contention showing that economic development achieves the “reducing poverty” value and that environmental protection actually increases poverty.

Fourth, develop supporting evidence so that you can defend your case against negative arguments.