Kritiks are arguments that criticize the value assumptions of arguments. So, instead of focusing on how a plan will cost a lot of money, a kritik will criticize a plan for using sexist language or for supporting a position that restricts immigrant rights. Kritiks put a premium on values and philosophy.


Kritiks should include the following:

First, two pages explaining the Kritik. Include information on its philosophical assumptions, big names associated with the kritik’s arguments, arguments for and against the kritik, and strategic maneuvers and important implications of the kritik.

Second, the shell should start with name of the kritik at the top of the shell page, like CRITICAL LEGAL SCHOLARSHIPS in CAPS.

Third, include a paragraph explaining the basics of the kritik.  Include:

·        An explanation of how the plan is subject to the kritik and what the impacts are

·        Tips on how to argue the kritik, how to rebuild the kritik against affirmative responses and any other pertinent information.

·        NO indents or tabs.

Fourth, include the Kritik Shell, which should:

·        Use outline organization

·        Use full sentence, capitalized tags for all labels--no tags of just "Links"

·        You may use any reasonable structure, though links to plans/advocacy and impacts are the common elements of a kritik.

·        Include  2 to 4 cards in the shell (please do not exceed a 3 page kritik shell)

NOTE: Leave a space after each piece of evidence

               Leave a space after every label that is followed immediately by another label.

Fifth, include Backup Briefs with:

·        Evidence supporting all aspects of the Kritik

·        Links arguments showing the affirmative plan and/or case is connected with the kritik

·        Impact arguments showing the importance of the kritik.

·        Other Related arguments