Your affirmative case needs to include the following:

First, at the top, include a one paragraph explanation of the case.  Include:

·              An explanation of the problem and how the plan would solve the problem.

·              Tips on how to argue the case, respond to disadvantages and topicality arguments and any other pertinent information.

Second, include the Plan and Case.

The Plan should include:

·              The mandates--the actions needed to solve the problem

·              The logistics--the funding, board, enforcement to ensure the mandates go into action.

The Case should use:

·              Outline organization

·              Two to three word titles for each section of the case like “Mexican Economy Collapse” followed by a thesis statement explaining that section of the case

·              Any reasonable case structure--comparative advantage, needs-plan, goals, etc.

·              Strong significance, inherency and solvency arguments

Third, include the Backup Briefs in order by stock issue as follows:

·              Significance briefs

·              Inherency briefs

·              Solvency briefs

·              Disadvantage Responses

·              Counterplan Responses

·              Topicality Responses

Fourth, index the backup briefs



                  Your goal is to prepare responses to each of the arguments you expect other teams to present.  You need to answer the main scenarios/sections of each affirmative case you are assigned to research.  Again, we strongly urge case turns--but also consider arguments that show the plan won’t solve the problem, the problem is not significant or is declining, or that other actions would be better to solve the problem.